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The Forest Temple is the first game in the series that brings in Fireboy and also Watergirl together in their original series of challenges that must be solved. The two characters that are present in the game were trapped in the mysterious forest temple and they have to escape from there, but this cannot be achieved too easy. They have to get through a lot of challenges in order to be able to escape from the temple that is filled with a lot of weird rooms and is built in such a way that the characters can only go in a linear way from a room to the other.

Each room will be filled with a lot of different obstacles that must be passed through by Fireboy and Watergirl in order for them to advance, but they will have to cooperate, even if they are two opposite forces and they cannot touch each other's diamonds that are added throughout the levels. This is the hardest part about the game, that each character will have to collect its own diamonds that are scattered in every level, but this must be done in order so Fireboy does not touch Watergirl's diamonds and the opposite.

Each level will bring in a new challenge that must be solved and the two characters have to pay attention to everything that happens around them in order progress through the level in cause. The levels can be sometimes chosen freely when the player reaches a ramification between them and it will be pretty easy to do this sometimes. The levels are disposed in the map just like the veins of a tree, hence the name of the game, and the player will have quite a few through which he has to play in order to get to the end.

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