Download The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3

The adventure of Fancy Pants was not over in the second game of the series, that now became a trilogy. More important things are about to happen in this third game, that is named The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 – Overview. Quite simple, this is the third world of the game and the Overview is the main element of gameplay, as this action will be required in order for the player to make himself an idea about the level in which he will have to go. The game still provides the good fun that was also present in the first two games.

Fancy Pants will have to get through another series of levels in order to take care of everything that is required to help his fellows. People have problems around town and he is there to help, just like in the previous two games. Even if he is a little bit lazy in the beginning, the player will be able to sense the heroism in his character and the fact that he is a really good natured one, despite requiring a lot of time before he actually starts doing something. But when he does it, there is no way to stop him.

Because this third game in the series is more complex than the previous two, a lot of indications will be shown during the first few levels of the game in order to allow players to accommodate with every new feature that has been added. The graphics are still kept at a simple but fine level, allowing the players to experience a rather minimalist world in which everything takes place. However, Fancy Pants is not a character that is just made out of sticks, and for anyone that doubts this, he is ready to prove that he is the best.

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