Download Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is an awesome free remake of the classic Super Mario bros games that for sure will make you relive those childhood memories, I mean who didn’t play Super Mario Bros as a child? With this remake you get to do all of the stuff you did in the original games like fighting angry turtles and changing sizes as you eat mushrooms. This game will for sure keep you entertained for hours as you fight, jump and run your way through all the different levels to reach Mario’s goal of saving Princess Peach. Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is a must.

Once again, you have the chance to control the chubby clever plumber with improved skills. Guide him through 8 new levels that are designed very distinctly to provide you new kind of entertainment. The levels are made impressive using hot lava and underwater sites. You will still enjoy the same pleasure as with the original mario. It is just made better. The adventures of hidden levels, coin collection and jumping into pipes are still waiting for you. The same goal with the same obstacles and number of monsters. The same exciting music to listen while you struggle to save your beautiful imprisoned princess waiting for you.

This game enhances the pleasure through mini games within itself. Free games like Mario tanks, Mario Goomba Party, Mario Minix and Starman Running are combined into a Mario package containing a single game mode. The objective is to collect maximum number of points by killing enemies and collecting gold coins. Here you have no princess and no levels to pass. Just gain points and enjoy. For those who are tired of playing the classic mario with plumber, this package will bring a new thrill. Even for new players who have not yet played the mario plateform, these are going to be loved for sure.

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