Download The Simpsons: The Arcade Game

The Simpsons: The Arcade Game is the first of the video games developed by Konami in 1991 and based on the ‘The Simpsons’ Franchise. This video game has history taking it to days of MS-DOS as operating systems to the current Xbos Live Arcade and the latest on PlayStation Network in 2012.

The game starts with a robbery at Springfield Jewelers, by Smithers and two other goons.  Unfortunately for Homer Simpson and his family who were on a happy walk on the streets, these robbers have an accidental encounter in which one of their costly diamond gets struck in to Maggie’s mouth. The rough and tough Smither snatches Maggie along with the diamond. The whole game is plotted on how you as a player can help Simpson and his family members get back Maggie from the robbers. The game has different levels based on the streets of chase and at the end of each level, the boss speed and strength increases after settling for some amount of damage.

Without doubt, this series of video games are from one of the early pioneers, who had started all experimentations even when technology was not at its best. The series had been well assimilative to all the new technology in the past two decades. This series of games received the best acknowledgement when Sony introduced this game in its PlayStation Network followed by the porting of this game to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console through Xbox Live Archive. The mentionable feature of this series of video games is the continuous adaptation to the new technology as well as the challenging series introduced.

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