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There are a lot of platformer games on the market and all of them have their own story, their own characters and their own characteristics, more important. However, not all of them have what this game has. In Second Wind, the main character of the game will move automatically. This might seem pretty easy to work with, right? Actually, it will not be easy at all, because he will move constantly and the player that controls the rest of his movements will have to pay attention to what happens. He will advance without stop and he will have to take turns to right or left before he gets stuck, so the player will need good reflexes in order to control the character.

There are quite a lot of obstacles that must be avoided in order to successfully finish a level and what is more intriguing is that there are also enemies. The fights are not automated and the player will have to destroy the enemies on his own in order to advance with the story. If the player is not enough he will be killed, he will lose a life and he will be taken back to the beginning of the level and this is the last thing that someone would want to happen.

There are several levels of difficulty available and all of them are great - they will make the game more interesting and they will give it a replay ability, if one starts from easy and advances towards the harder difficulties. The graphics are not the strong point of the game but with such an interesting gameplay, they can be ignored and taken as they are. A true gamer will not complain about the graphics if the gameplay proves to be interesting enough and it will surely be the case here.

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