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Reimagine: The Game is a nice game that was designed in Flash and this is a pity that this is not a full installment that can be played as a stand alone game. However, players can still have fun in this game and they should enjoy it as much as possible in order to experience the real amount of fun that is present in here. The title might not be too obvious but as soon as the player gets through the first level, he will understand what the whole game is about.

Reimagining the whole present is the aim of the game, starting from the games and ending with movies and brand names. In order for the readers to make themselves an idea about how this game works, they should think about Super Meat Boy. The game is built as a platformer and it also has some other influences of other genres, and overall it is a really awesome game that deserves at least a playthrough in order to see how fun are all of the elements. However, what would happen if Super Meat Boy was to be combined with Lady Gaga? This is exactly the aim of Reimagine: The Game, to create an alternative world.

There are a lot of levels that are designed in this manner and they will combine elements from different movies or games in order to create something new and unique that will be fun for the players. However, the player should take note of the fact that all of the levels are designed in a platformer way and the player will have to reach certain places and solve different objectives in order to achieve his aim and win the game. Each level brings in more unique mockeries of current brands and this is awesome.

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