Download Quadrax 3 Special Edition

Quadrax series have in store for its players a lot of great puzzles that will surely keep them entertained and you should also try at least one of these games if you want to play through a tough adventure that will reward you a lot. The series consists of five main games but the third one seemed not to be enough for the fans so the developers decided to create a small sequel to Quadrax 3, dubbed Quadrax 3 Special Edition. And indeed, this edition is special. Even if you might think that there are not too many differences between this one and the standard game, you will be surprised as you start playing the game.

This game was the main source of inspiration for the updates that were featured in the next games so you should know that you will be able to play a high quality game. The graphics in this game are upgraded in comparison to the ones featured in the standard edition of the game and the backgrounds are also changed, meaning that the action of the game does not take place in the same area of gameplay like the previous game. However, you will still enjoy everything in the game.

This game has 60 different levels in which you can play and you will have to get through the same system as with the previous games. You will control two characters, the two explorers that this time got trapped into another series of dungeons and you will have to control them one at a time in order to solve the problems that are featured in the game. There is also a level editor available for you if you want to make better use of the possibilities of the game and explore new challenges that you managed to create for yourself.

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