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Pusci is a good platformer game that is highly enjoyable for the gamers that want to try something good that also has neat graphics. The game was designed and developed by a small team of developers from Japan, thus encompassing a lot of different elements from the classic Japanese culture of video games. The first element that is easily recognizable as influenced by Japanese culture is the graphics and the textures used in order to give life to the game's world which will prove to be a really interesting environment in which there will be a lot of different stuff to explore.

The game allows the player to move in a non-linear way throughout the levels in order to allow him to get more immersed in the gameplay, but there is a limit to this. However, mainly the limit is the size of the map that does not allow one to make more movements or achieve more, but what is already present in the game is more than enough in order to make Pusci a good platformer that features some really nice puzzle elements that are good to be tried at maximum capacity.

There is a story behind the game and it will be slowly revealed as the players progress through the 15 different levels of the game, and there will be a lot of different facts that a player will be able to find out only after he reaches a certain stage of the game. The levels are not designed to be hard because of weird mobs, but they might become hard because of the puzzles that must be solved in order for the players to progress. However, if one decides to put his mind to contribution in order to solve the quests of the game, it should be no problem beating it.

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