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Get ready for some unforgettable and spooky 3D experience that will blow your mind away! Portal is set in the strange and horrifying laboratories of Aperture Science. You play the role of a test subject who is awakened by a robot called Glados. Glados runs the Aperture Science Labs and sends you on a bunch of tests that he claims are for the sake of science. Some of the tests are doable and the others are not so safe and you may be left with some serious damages. But that is what makes the game so electrifying!

You will be equipped with a handheld portal device that will actually open up portals between two places. For example, instead of climbing a stairway, you can simply shoot a hole at the bottom and one more on the top and just walk through it. It will seem better explained once you start playing the game. The graphics are pretty good given the fact that the game is pretty old. It has a clean and minimal style laboratory that makes it easy on the eyes. The physics used in the game is perfectly correct and upto the mark. Using the handheld portal turns out to be great fun once you learn how to use it. The puzzles in the game are pretty tough making Portal one tough cookie on your brain. However, they are designed that way to make sure that when a real challenge arrives, you are prepared for it.

The most extraordinary thing about Portal is that despite it being a first person 3D adventure, you never so much as shoot a gun. Despite that the game is perfect as a brain teaser. As you learn more and more about all the components of Aperture Science labs and its world, you will get sucked into the game.


This game require Steam available here