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Naturyon is a really interesting puzzle game that can give anyone a good challenge. The game is actually more than a simple puzzle game, as it will also test a player's reflexes throughout the levels that are present. And this is a great thing, because not too many games can provide such a good combination of two elements in order to bring in some fun from the computer screen. However, Naturyon is a top game when it comes to this and you should be able to enjoy it as you play throughout all of the levels that are featured.

There are quite a lot of levels that have an increasing difficulty but you should have no problems in working them out if you pay attention to the tutorial that comes in the beginning of the game. This is really important, because usually many people tend to avoid this part and jump directly into the game, where they have no idea about what are they required to do. Even if the overall concept of Naturyon is not hard to understand, there are a few hints that you will only be able to find out after you get through the instructions screen of the game.

Naturyon will ask the player to create a line of three elements of the same kind and as this happens the elements will conjoin and evolve into a better one that can be later used to further combos. There are also some bonus elements in the game, such as wild card blocks, dynamite sticks to get rid of unwanted pieces and other small elements that are designed to either help a player progress through the game or not. However, everything has its place in the game and everything is designed with care to offer the chance of a good gameplay.

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