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Mike Shadow is a mysterious character that will have to take his revenge on all of the things that annoyed him during his life. There were a lot of bad things in his life and a lot of them harmed him, but this time things have gotten out of control and Mike has gone berserk. The player is the only one that can control him, but not in order to stop him - the player will have to help Mike destroy all of the objects that appear in his way in order to achieve a maximum score and also get to the next level.

The name of the character seems to be predestined, as the depiction of him in the game is a really simple one that does not offer any kind of details. Mike is just drawn using black sticks and a circle instead of head, so he is truly a shadow. He might be named the shadow of the former person and he might probably evade the situation in which he finds himself but for this, he needs help from the player that will guide him throughout all of the adventures that must be completed.

Mike seems to be a pretty strong man, probably because all of the anger that got over him in the last years made him stronger and he is now able to destroy a lot of stuff with his bare hands. There are all kinds of obstacles from other people to soda machines and all of them will be smashed to pieces by Mike Shadow as he follows the quest that will liberate him from the life that he has now. He will definitely try as hard as possible in order to destroy everything and to become a new man but until there, he has to do a lot.

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