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Maze Blaster is a nice puzzle game that you will enjoy taking on at full capacity because this is the only way in which you will be able to progress, and you will have a lot of fun as you play if you know how to do it. And even if you are a total beginner there will be no problems regarding the game as it is user friendly, like any other good puzzle game that respects its gamers. The main thing that must be done in this puzzle game is to find an exit starting from a given point.

The arenas are not big and you can zoom in and out if you feel the need to, in order to have more fun while examining an object or running from an enemy. The greatest thing about Maze Blaster is that, despite the apparent complexity of the levels involved, they are quite simple to be solved and everyone will be able to play the game right after they finish the tutorial. Yes, there is a tutorial level included in the game and it will be pretty useful to get through it entirely in order to accommodate with the settings of the game.

The graphics are two dimensional but they have rather good textures and they should not be too bad to look at. But the gameplay is much more important, as the ball needs guidance to the checkered flag that marks the end of the current maze. The first levels are easy but they will become harder as the player advances in the level's count, although for a prepared player this should not be a problem. There are a lot of different elements that are included in the game and there is also a guide that tells exactly what each item does.

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