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Master DX is an extremely interesting puzzle game that everyone can enjoy. The game is inspired by the original Mastermind and the similarity with the original title is really interesting, especially because of the concept of the game was not altered but has been enhanced in order for the players to have even more fun while they challenge themselves to a good game of Master DX in order to solve the current quest that is given. The game is played in two different phases and the first one will ask the player to make an assumption regarding the thinking combination. This is easily achieved if you have some knowledge of the game.

The game also presents a thorough tutorial so every player that wants to engage into it will be able to learn everything that must be done in order to start and successfully finish a game of Master DX. The second phase in a game of Mastermind is the most interesting, in which the analysis will start. This is the most interesting part of the game and it will require a lot of attention from you in order to understand everything that happens and then solve the quest that is given.

This game has a lot of different settings that can be tweaked in order to create a unique set of game that will be fully enjoyable. Another interesting fact of Master DX is that besides continuing the concept featured in Mastermind, it also comes with a great bonus that involves fully three dimensional graphics that are much more enjoyable than the classic two dimensional game. There are two different chips that must be followed on the screen, one of them is white and the other one is black, and they will point towards the correct or the wrong places on the board.

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