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You definitely played Lemmings when you are a youngster and now it is your opportunity to replay that original gam with a much more polished interface that you will definitely enjoy. The original game was launched about twenty years ago and despite having rather basic graphics it was really acclaimed by the people at that time and some of them are also playing it now because it is of a really good value that will make you dependent by the gameplay as you try to save your people and take them to the next level.

In this remake of the game you will have access to all of the original levels but you will also find the Oh No levels which are really fun to play, too, and you will have to think fast if you want to get through the levels and save your Lemmins. Each world in the levels features destructible elements which you can take advantage of in order to get your people to destination faster, but you will have to think in order to see which those best elements that should be destroyed are.

On the other hand, you should also concentrate on the obstacles that are immobile and for which you will need a detour in order to complete the level. Overall, you will be able to have a lot of fun in the game as it features a lot of good elements, just like the original. The tweaked graphics are much better than in the first game, although they were kept in the basic two dimensional field in order to preserve the feeling of the original. The game features eight skills that you can add to your Lemmings in order to have them help each other throughout the game and you will find them really useful.

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