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Lancelost is an interesting platformer game that will allow the players to get through a lot of arenas in order to complete all of the tasks that are required to get to the next level. And frankly, there are a lot of different levels in which the player will have to chance to show off his skills in order to get the best score. In the end, he will be able to compare his score to other best scores featured in the game and he will see how good he did around the levels.

There are also golden coins that play an important role in the game. These coins must be collected during the levels, but not only for the looks or for getting to the next level. These gold coins must be further used in the shop of the game. It is available after each level and there, the player will have the opportunity to choose different upgrades for his character in order to make him stronger, faster, or even a better warrior.  There are different levels for each upgrade available and all of them are really interesting, but it is a little bit too hard to gather all of the upgrades for the character.

The background story of the game will be revealed in the beginning, but just the prologue of it will be described. In further levels, the player will have to listen to the story as it unravels along the way. There are also tips to help him during his quest in the Lanceland, the land in which the game takes place. It is a grey area that must be brought again to life and the hero of this game is the only one that can do this in order to save himself and his fellow brothers.

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