Download HappyLand Adventures – Xmas

HappyLand Adventures – Xmas is a freeware gaming application that is designed for Windows platforms. You can implement this gaming app on Windows systems including Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, and XP versions. A product that has been designed and developed by Free Luch Design, this game offers fun and excitement to its users through a run and jump game. The game’s ambience is based on Christmas, which is quite obvious from its name as well.

The game involves rescuing or saving HappLanders. There are several levels in the game and as you progress through or complete each level, you will be rewarded with different varieties of fruits as your bonus points. The game is filled with several puzzle based elements that make it fun and interesting. The gaming interface is simple and interesting with its Christmas theme.

The control keys are also user-friendly and easy to remember and use. For moving through the HappyLand, the arrow keys are used; and the Alt key is used for jumping. Each level has been designed to be different from the previous levels, making it interesting and engaging for its users. If you are a user who is interested in puzzles and simple, fun filled, games; this gaming application is worth a try.

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