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Fixation is a game designed as a sequel for The Company of Myself installment and it proves to have a pretty high standard of quality, just like its predecessor. However, in the order of the elements that appear in both stories and the actual story line, Fixation is actually the first game in the series in terms of story and the player will have a lot of fun as he try to do the best in order to reach for the end of each level. This is because the game is built as a platformer and it will be quite interesting to get through all of the elements.

As the player might already be used from other games of this kind, the game play is in the form of a race from the beginning to the end of the level and the player will have to do his best in order to reach that place without dying on the way, because there is not an infinite amount of lives available and if the player dies too often, he will reach a moment in which he will no longer be able to continue and the game must be restarted in that point.

However, for a skilled player this should not be a real problem because it is not too hard to figure out how to go around in every puzzle that appears. Trial and error should not be the case here as the levels will prove to be pretty intuitive soon. There are also some nice dialogue lines during the levels, as the player will also encounter other NPCs that are able to have a small conversation with the player, allowing him to understand more about the level in which he is or about the next elements that await him in front.

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