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Excavator is a gaming application which has a simple, but interesting game plan, mostly suited for beginners and younger audience of computer games. The game has a background which creates a rough environment to tackle with. This application is based on a single player mode and it challenges the player to find out riches and jewels on their journey in the game. Of course, there is no scarcity for thrills. The game has lots of hindrances which a player needs to come across. The game has in built enemies who try their level best to block the player from finding out gold and jewel.

The game plan is simple and plain. The player needs to find the hidden treasures and place them successfully in the shops. Once this is achieved, the player is rewarded with points. The highest the score the best the player is. This game is basics and does not go with the rewarding system. The way the game is played too is basic.

The arrow keys are used for movements with left or right and Ctrl + S is used for jumping and Ctrl + M is used for muting the back ground sound of the application. These controls are toggling keys used for muting as well as un muting. The file size is very moderate and this suits for anyone who is new to computer games and wants to learn the basics of computer games.

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