Download Escape from Puppy Death Factory

Escape from Puppy Death Factory is a game with a long title and a long gameplay, too. And this gameplay will be pretty exciting for the fans of platformer games and not only. The game is not just about getting through the levels in order to finish them and get further into the gameplay. The game also features an interesting story through which the player will have to fight with a lot of enemies in order to accomplish his objective. The objective throughout the levels is the same, but the methods of reaching it will be different almost each time, providing a high grade of uniqueness to the game.

The challenge in the game is to rescue each of the puppies that are present in the levels of the game. Considering the fact that there are 31 puppies that must be saved and during each level there is only one, the game will get the player through thirty one different levels of action filled gameplay. The action in this platformer come from the fact that the puppies are not just trapped in simple places, but they are located in a Death Factory from which they cannot escape themselves and they will need the help of the player.

The player will then have to get through a tutorial level in the beginning, occasion on which he will learn how to control the character of the game and he will also be able to save a puppy in that level, the rest of the thirty being available in a linear way as the player progresses. He will be able to make some good use of certain power ups that are available through the game but they are not too many and they should be used only in key moments, as they will greatly help the player.

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