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Platform games are a very popular genre of video games even today. Game lovers are mostly fascinated by platformers due to the fun and entertainment they have in store for you. Basically, a platform game is a video game that requires a player to jump over the suspended platforms or obstacles to proceed. The challenge with these games is to control the jumps. Today, platform games associated with arcades, console gaming, fiction and fantasy are available in large variety in market.One of these famous platform games is the fun game of Diamond Rush which is developed to provide unmatched entertainment to the players through its 49 levels full of fun. In this game, you have a clock that runs and the objective of the game is to collect each and every diamond before the time runs out.

The game play is very exciting and each level is filled with a new kind of challenge and increased difficulty. There are three characters that you can choose from to start playing. They are Timothy, Rudra Zinan and Yosi. Each has its own appearance and skills. Select the one you like in all the ways and start with the first level.The game controls are easy. The arrow keys can be used to move in the particular direction. Ctrl key is for both start command and for jumping. You need to hold the key to jump higher. Esc key is meant for exiting the current level.

When you start the game, you can customize some aspects to suit your choice and interest. You can choose whether to have the backgrounds or not. You can also set the resolution to one of the options mentioned.The most impressive part of the game is that in some levels of increased difficulty, you will be controlling all the three characters with the same controls you use. This part makes it the most interesting as you will see diamonds all over that you have to collect while taking care of the three characters at once.This game is surely one of the best platform games offering so much of fun at every stage. Why not try it today and see for yourself?

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