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Platformer games are really interesting, but they might be a little bit too hard for some people. However, this happens because there is a key to the level which needs to be found in order for the simple solution. Some platformer levels allow players to engage in different solutions but not all of them might be as easy as the main one. However, all of them will take the player to the base point that is required and this is the fun of a platformer game, the fact that the game challenges the mind.

This is exactly the case with Death Count. Although it seems like an action game filled with weapons, it is actually a platformer that has really nice and enjoyable levels which many of the players will enjoy. There are a lot of levels in the game and they are split in two different sections. The first fourteen levels are the easy ones and with a little bit of thought, the game will be easy to pass and people will get through them. However, there are also some harder variants of these levels and they are really useful for the ones that enjoy a challenge and they are also worthy of solving it.

The graphics of the game are not really interesting, but the game is not designed to work for the graphics. Instead, the action is centered around the gameplay and the players will actually enjoy this. The graphics tend to be similar to the ones used in the past for games of te golden era. There are just a few colors used there and pixelated graphics, but altogether they are interesting and they give the game a retro feeling. The game's 28 levels are pretty good to get through, even if the player is not a platformer fan.

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