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Dangerous Dave is a popular arcade game that gained huge popularity among its users, thanks to its simplicity and fun quotient. The publishers of this game created it in an interesting format, while at the same time ensuring that it was small enough to fit into a single floppy disk. In fact, the popularity and wide acceptance of this game application led to the creation of several other similar arcade games. Introduced in the early 90’s, this game is supported in DOS and Windows platforms, and is integrated with VGA graphics that are considered to be state-of-the-art. This is a product that has been designed and developed by Softdisk Publishing.

Available as a free to use software application, this tool claims to offers one of the simplest yet most interesting gaming experience with its graphics and sound effects. In this game, you basically control or manipulate the character Dave and help him through the many levels by overcoming his enemies. To complete each level you need to collect the goblet and pass through the exit to move on to the next level. You need to collect your set of tools to tackle the various enemies that come up in each level. These funny-looking creatures are mostly tackled with a gun.

Besides these, there are also other traps that you need to avoid. There are also bonuses in the form of jewels that you can collect. You have three lives to help you complete the ten levels. The publisher’s have also come out with a second version, which incidentally did not enjoy the success and far reach of the first version. You can play the game using your mouse, keyboard, or joystick to execute the various controls. This simple game has a simple objective, what makes it interesting is the graphics and funny monsters that come to block your way through the different levels.

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