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Concerned Joe is a great platforming adventure that is definitely enjoyable for everyone that might want to help a little cube to find his way out of the mazes in which he was trapped. Joe is just an innocent being and he wants someone's help to guide him through all of the challenges that he will face throughout the levels that are ahead of him.  There are not a few so the player will have to be prepared in order to guide Joe throughout the whole adventure that is set in the game as a tough one during certain levels.

Thankfully, there is a save option that will come in handy when the player decides to put a pause to the action and do something else until he is prepared again to go along with Joe and get through the rest of the levels. There is a twist to the levels, however, and this element is the one that will do the things difficult. There are some special green blocks that will be encountered during each level and these are the only blocks on which Joe can spend as much time as he wants to, otherwise he will be in trouble.

The other blocks will just deplete his health bar and the player will have to move fast towards the next green block in order to get his health replenished. The levels will become harder and the green blocks will be scarce in the later levels, meaning that the player will not be able to simply go head on throughout the levels in order to complet them - instead, he will have to think a strategy in order to reach the safe spots. There might be enemies during the levels but this is a surprise aspect that will be discovered by each player.

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