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Chouffy is a game designed for every puzzle lover that wants to get into an interesting gameplay that is topped with good graphics. And if we mentioned the graphics, you should know that the graphics of Chouffy are really interesting, especially because they are finely drawn and they are not pixelated like they were in other older games. They are not the finest, either, but they are good enough for every gamer that wants to play a good game, because a good gamer will not focus on the graphics of the game, but rather on the gameplay which makes up the game.

There is a really interesting concept featured in the game, that goes like the majority of other puzzle games, but it also has a twist added to it so you will not feel like you are playing just another copy of who knows what puzzle game that is out there. Chouffy is the name given to each red creature that appears in the game and they are the ones that you must work with. They will appear in larger numbers as you progress, if you are a good player, though, but you will have to control them better and pay more attention to what happens.

There are enemies, of course, and you will have to learn how to properly defeat them if you want to avoid them destroying your Chouffy creatures. The game consists of 30 different levels filled with a great action but you should not only rely on this, as you will also have to pay attention to whatever happens into the game in order to achieve the highest scores that will bring you the best rewards. You should also take note of the fact that there is a level editor available if you want to create unique challenges.

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