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The real origins of Cactus McCoy are unknown, but the story tells that he came into the town after he already fought a lot of enemies out in the wild, destroying everyone who might had pose a threat to the other people. He somehow had the ability to sense the mean people and he attacked them in order to take them out so he can make the world a better place. He even managed to became the sheriff of a town that he went and settled into. The city prospered a lot with the guidance of the new sheriff that is now known as Cactus McCoy.

However, the weird aspect of McCoy means that he is a target for other people that might want to do bad deeds in the town. However, the problem is not this, the real problem is that Cactus is the only one that can stop these bad guys and he will have to go on his own in order to battle with these guys that only want to do bad stuff. The game is a little bit of a platformer but mainly it can be considered as a horizontal side scrolling shooter game.

Cactus McCoy is probably a human that transformed into a cactus into the desert and he managed to preserve some of the plant's properties. However, this is not the only interesting thing that

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