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Boulders Never Die is a really interesting game that is mainly a platformer but it features many other elements that are really interesting. The game is sometimes played at a fast pace and it has some action influences, while other moments are played at your own pace because you will be the one directing all of the actions. The objective of the game is really simple, being similar to the one in tower defense games. The base must be protected and fortifications must be built around it in order to accomplish this.

The objective is easy in appearance and you might think that you will have to defeat special enemies that come with heavy weapons, but actually you will have to protect the fortress against... boulders. However, these massive chunks of rock that come down the hill at fast speeds are able to destroy the base in a couple of hits so the fortifications are a must have. But doing this requires some thinking, some money and also some unlocked features.

Everything is really interesting in the game, the graphics look really nice and they have been polished so they have nice textures on already nice models of the structures that are encountered in the game. The boulders will come in waves as they try to destroy the base that is built and you will have to protect it as much as possible until you are able to progress to the next level. There is a tutorial level that will teach about the basic elements of the game and there are another seven different levels filled with interesting elements but most important, filled with boulders, a lot of boulders. The game is pretty interesting and the good graphics combined with the nice gameplay will allow a player to build the best fortress.

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