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Bob the Blob is an interesting game that is definitely worth at least a try. The game is not the usual kind of puzzle, actually it is much more interesting than the normal games that involved puzzle solving schemes that became boring after a while. But Bob the Blob manages to keep the players entertained and active throughout the whole gameplay and this will mean a while because the game consists of 50 different levels filled with some good action moments where fast reflexes are required and also other moments where logical thinking is a must have.

The game is really easy and Bob will have to be taken to the pipe that marks the exit of the arena. The road until there will have some obstacles on its path but they will mainly be easy to defeat as Bob is really handy. However, sometimes Bob might need the help of other objects inside the certain level but this should not be a problem either, as they are easy to be found and they are also really easy to use, as only one key is required for this. The game has really nice sound effects that are also enjoyable, going hand in hand with the gameplay.

The graphics of the game are really interesting, because they feature almost no colors at all, everything being drawn and colored in black, white and shades of gray. There are a few exceptions represented by some other red elements but this is all that appears in the game regarding color. However, the experience of playing a black and white game is really interesting and it contributes to the overall atmosphere. Bob can make some good use of certain blocks that he can carry but he cannot carry too many of them and they are rather scarce in the arena.

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