Download Apple Lode Runner – The Remake

Apple Lode Runner - The Remake is, as the title says, a remake of an original game launched back in 1983. That original game, Lode Runner, designed for the Apple II system, had success at its time but after almost 30 years, it was definitely required to have an updated version of the game, compatible with the computer, but still similar to the original one. So the game that you will be able to play here is the perfect combination between the retro and the new elements that you will definitely enjoy.

The levels' designs are mainly similar and you will enjoy this fact, but you will also enjoy the plenty amount of extras that has been added into the game in order to make it much more interesting. The combination between the puzzle and the action genres will put you to the test as it is not enough to only have good reflexes in order to win the levels, you will also need some logical thinking in order to make it past the obstacles that appear at different points throughout the game.

The main way in which you will be able to progress through the levels of the game is to collect the elements that are required and about which you will be informed on the HUD. Mainly you will have to collect treasures that are placed inside each level and using them you will be able to progress throughout the whole game and even gain some bonuses. You will need such bonuses in order to defeat your enemies with more ease as you will not enjoy getting beaten up by them and you will surely want a better weapon that can handle them better. Overall, this is a must try platformer game that is based on an original installment that is fully enjoyable.

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