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Peggle Nights is the sequel to Peggle Deluxe and comes with more peg clearing and ball bouncing action. The original game revolved around dropping a ball on the field of pegs. Peggle Nights may seem like it is based on luck. Since it is very difficult to predict the movement of the ball once it does a couple of bounces off the screen, after a while all you can do is pray! Peggle Nights is a pretty enjoyable game where the cartoon graphics and the characters that are very humorous make the game extremely attractive and fun to play. There are also a lot of dramatic effects and like the Peggle Deluxe, Peggle nights too has ‘extreme fever’ moments.

This demo is just for about 60 minutes, but it is enough to get you addicted to the game. The designing of each level is great and all the Peggle Nights characters have their own unique power ups and play in their own unique manner which makes this mode all the more adventurous . What may seem like a downside to this game is that the basic plot and aesthetics of the game are pretty similar to Peggle Deluxe. Sure, the story and the level designs have been upgraded and changed, but the basic module remains the same. However, if you are a fan of Peggle Deluxe, then you will surely enjoy playing Peggle Nights and will get hooked on to it in no time.

The upside to this game is that it is easy to start playing but almost impossible to stop once you get addicted to it. The characters are very good and likeable and so you will fall in love with them. The presentation of the game is on par with any other good puzzle game out there in the market.

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