Super Skyrim Bros

Download Super Skyrim Bros

If you have been a diehard fan of the Mario Brothers, then Super Skyrim Bros will help you refresh your love and passion for the Mario Bro! at the beginning of the game you will be given a map that will show you the new Super Skyrim Bros Abandoned House Map with its marker next to the Winterhold. You have to reach the Abandoned House and enter it to find the note that will be on the table. You have to read the note that will warn you against sleeping in the bed. However, you must go ahead and sleep in the bed as this will start a dream sequence that will show you how to access the mod.

Super Skyrim Bros has a mini kingdom that you will have to play in. there are a number of cool costumes that you will find in the game that you have to wear to disguise yourself. These costumes very much resonate with the costumes of the Mario Bros. the aim of the game is for you to rescue Princess Toadstool who is in the clutches of horrible monsters. On the way of the rescue mission of the Princess, you have to destroy baddies like Goombas.

This game is a treat for old school Nintendo players as there is a special mod installed just for them. There are a variety of weapons and powers to try out in the game that makes the game interesting. The graphics are classic and very cute. The various elements adopted from Super Mario are a huge plus in the game. The sound effects are fun and add a very entertaining aura to the game. However, unlike the Mario Bros, you cannot jump on your enemies to kill them. All in all, this game is one that will entertain and enthrall you!