Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod

Download Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod

If brightly colored ponies and cute animation is what you look for in a game, then Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod is just the game for you. However, do not be fooled by the fun aspect of the game, this game can be scary and challenging at the same time. The little pony type of animals will surely make you go ‘Awww’, but the game can be very challenging and addictive at the same time. There are no dragons in this version of the game; instead they have been replaced by wide-eyes ponies that might seem cute and scary at the same time. Your goal is to kill and defeat as many of these monsters as possible.

There is a guide right at the beginning of the game that will take you through of the plot and the challenges of the game. This game is not exactly the usual RPG games that you play, but it is still pretty appealing. This game is a fun Mod, but there is not much of a change in the Skyrim gameplay. The game is very well created though. The game is fun as it inculcates a humorous touch to it. The graphics are not exactly stunning, but quite pleasant and nice to look at.

The game play is simple and that is what makes the game very user friendly for young players. For older and much more experienced players, the game barely has anything to offer. The game is funny and cute, but this is about all that it has to offer. If you are looking for some fun and stress-free time, then this game is a great one to play, but if you are looking for something substantial and more adventurous, then you better look elsewhere, as all the cuteness will eventually bore more experienced players.