World of Witchcraft

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World of Witchcraft is not merely a game, it is a game that is played and renown worldwide by millions of players. The initial inception of World of Witchcraft began in the year 1994, when Warcraft: Ocrs and Humans, a real-time strategy game, was launched. About 10 years later, with a number of sequels under the belt, World of Witchcraft was added to the series. This meant that the game had taken a huge leap into the world of online gaming.

World of Witchcraft is a subscription based game, and so you will have to start with opening a Battle net account, which can be activated with your credit card. After that to launch the game you have to enter your user name and password into the system in order to start playing the game. Before you can actually begin the game, you will be required to create a character and select a realm (server) where you will be playing. Your choice of character will influence which part of the World you will be a part of.

Your main aim in the game will be to upgrade your player from level 1 to 70; this can be accomplished by finishing various tasks, slaying dragons and completing many more such challenges. The higher the level you get to, the better the game will get for you. As the levels progress, you will have a lot of objects at your disposal; for example weapons, spells, armor and the like. The graphics are extraordinary, creating a completely different kind of a world ranging from snow covered terrains to hardcore desert. The background score and sounds make the game very real and enthralling. The numerous missions that you have to accomplish make the game very engaging and gripping. Before you know it, you will be sucked into the World of Witchcraft!