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Be prepared to explore an amazing yet deserted island that has a lot of mysteries to solve with this thrilling game of action and adventure called Risen. You have been on a shipwreck and you have been stranded on this island with nothing much to go on as you have lost your memory and are feeling lost and lonely. Risen has a very realistic game play as in order to survive on the island you have to get accustomed to your surroundings and do a number of things, just like you would have to in reality.

There are a number of objects and items that you will have to collect and also use in order to escape the island. The game is very action and adventure oriented that makes the game play and the storyline very entertaining to play. besides collecting and using objects, you will have to master skills that will help you further in the game. this will be counted as experience and will help you gain points in the game. the controls of Risen are simple and easy to master. The game has obstacles and challenges that will keep things entertaining.

The graphics and the sound effects of Risen are a bit of a disappointment. However, if you are looking for an atmospheric game then Risen rises to the role. If you have had your fill of the medieval action and adventure games then Risen could be the change that you have been craving for. The settings of the game are very original and the island looks good with some realistic graphics. The mixture of action and adventure gaming also adds to the appeal of the game. the technicality of the game is not that good and this is the reason that the game fails to meet the standards of an amazing game.

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