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A product that has been designed and developed by JoyChina and published online by Beeboomonline; Hunter Blade is a 3D based MMORPG game that claims to be similar to the Monster Hunter series. This gaming tool, basically, involves exploration of a virtual world where players have to fight and defeat various giant monsters. The hunting down of these monsters adds to the glory of the player and the useful parts of the monster can be used by the player to create new equipments or sell it for procuring new equipment. This fantasy game can be availed on a free to use basis. Some of the other prominent features integrated in this utility are a strong crafting system, quests that have been streamlined, instance PvP, cosplay, PvP arena, etc.

To begin with, the player has to create his character using the various presets provided in the game and choose a category to belong to. And based on the class or category you have chosen you will be give weapon specializations. The tool also offers the option to be placed in a training camp for new hunters. There are three basic weapons offered to players once their characters have been created and these include a Sword, a wand, and a one-handed sword. The game is integrated with 11 weapon classes; however, a few of these classes become available to users only after they have completed specific levels or accomplished certain objectives that have been set within the game. Each class also has its skill levels and skill tree, in which points are added as you defeat monsters and progress in the game.

Supported in various Windows based platforms, you can implement this gaming application in all Windows operating systems that support Windows XP or above. Since it is a graphic-intensive game, you would need at least 4GB hard disk space, 1GB RAM, and ATIx1300 or NVIDIA 6600 graphic cards. The game is based on Etimes games engine, which has been developed by the designers of the game itself. For those who are new to this series of games, there is the Tutorial feature that explains various basics of the game such as hunting, crafting, combat, and other advanced skills that you will require as you progress in the game. There are different zones represented by different landscapes such as Deserts, Jungles, and Icy landscapes. The game is played using the conventional WASD controls and mouse. You can move the character in different directions by clicking your mouse.

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