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Heroes of Might and Magic is a well-known and popularly played Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that claims to be one of the best game offerings in this strategy based games genre. This tool has been designed and developed by Black Hole Games and is available in different versions. The game is based on a storyline that goes back by about 400 years and showcases the adventures of a family of heroes who become engaged in several epic based and thrilling adventures. And the latest version claims to add even better visualization and creativity to this already addictive game. It also claims to be better streamlined and integrated with some restructuring that has enhanced its overall appeal.

The game is based on adventures that happen in various fantasy worlds and involves training of heroes, building of armies for the war, and developing townships. Whether you decide to play the game as a multiplayer match, a one-off game, or choose one of the campaigns; you have to choose to belong to one of the five factions presented in the game. Each faction belongs to a different town and you have to choose creatures that are specific to your faction to create your army. One of the latest additions in this category is the Sanctuary faction. You have to guide your heroes through the realms, and you need to control your surroundings by capturing the town or fort that controls this realm.

All the heroes have almost similar abilities and you can develop their abilities as your progress in the game. Each hero is also imposed with certain limitations based on their inclination or affinity. They are either linked with might or with magic, and their ability to develop more powers will be based on their affinity. The interface allows you to create some custom shortcuts by dragging the buttons from the menu to the bottom right corner of the screen. With interesting visuals and improved structures, this game claims to be a good choice for users interested in this genre of games.


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