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A product that has been designed and developed based on the popular Cartoon Network show known by the same name; Hero: 108 Online is an MMORPG game that comes with lots of 3D animation and visuals and offers a fun packed and exciting game play to users who look forward to a fast-paced action game. Published online by Beanfun, this online game is based on a brawler style gaming style that comes integrated with timed instance raids.

Based on the popular franchise, the story behind the game involves a High Roller who instigates animals to rise against humans. The alliance between the animals and humans is referred to as Big Green and they claim to fight for the High Roller and protect their land. Built with combats, raids, and missions; you can play the game with its excellent keyboard controls. There are 8 characters in the game; however customization of these characters is not allowed and this is considered as one of the major limitations of this otherwise interesting and exciting game. Players have to help the characters accomplish the instanced raids; and it also includes guild systems such as ranks, guild mounts, etc.

The characters available in the game are Lin Chung, a ranger who uses dart guns; Kowloon, a monk who wields a long staff; Latifah, a berserk guy who uses spiked maces; Mighty Ray, who specializes in direct combat; Mr. No Hands, who heals with his spells; Hurricane Lee, a guardian with an axe; Archer Lee, a hunter with bow and arrow; and Mystique Sonia, who possesses a blue tongue and uses yaksha weapons. Each of these characters has their own powers, likes, and dislikes. Similarly, each character belongs to any one of the various elements of nature such as earth, water, fire, and air. They also have their own favorite colors.

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