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Elsword Online is a 2D based fantasy game that belongs to the MMORPG genre. In this game, you basically will have to team up with other players to beat up the bad guys. A side-scrolling game, the application promises to give you art work and graphics that is stylish and interesting. Published online by Kill3rCombo, this is an action-oriented gaming app that requires co-operation from multiple players to clear the screen. This game is considered similar to other side-scrolling action-oriented games like Fists of Fu and Grand Chase. Therefore, if you have played either of these games before, you know what to expect from this gaming software.

This gaming app promises to give you an action packed adventure through its various co-op missions. The game also comes integrated with a PvP mode, where gamers can decide their rankings or move up the rankings by combating with each other. There are also options to customize your virtual character by adding various accessories, cosmetic items, and gears; which you can gain as you progress through the game. The game includes several characters from whom you can choose your virtual avatar.

Elsword is a swordsman who is a master of his art and can give as well as take a lot of blows. Aisha’s only weapon is her staff; but she is capable of handling multiple assailants at once. Rena is armed with a bow and arrow but is an excellent marksman, who can blow dangerous kicks to those who get too close. Raven is trained in close combat and tear down the enemies who come in his path. Eve is the Queen of Nasod and is capable of summoning Robots from her kingdom to assist her during battle. She uses the Nasod gear that can be converted to any weapon of her choice. Chung wields a Cannon and can fire them from any distance.

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