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Clone War Adventures is a free to play 3D Sci-fi game released by Sony Online Entertainment set on the star wars universe. This game application uses the same game engine used by Free Realms and it fits the animated clone wars perfectly. This game application focuses on lots PF social aspects and it reflects in all their main or mini games. This application, like its parent engine Free Realms, offers a lot of flexibility to the user to make themselves thrilled playing the game.

There are three main races the player can choose from; Humans, Clone Trooper, and Twilek. Once the player roams around the game environment, they will easily find the gateway to the number of mini games in the application. There are plenty of mini games available; Starfighter battles, Speeder Bike races, Lightsaber Duels, Tower defense are a few to be named. The application allows the user to choose and design a pet, a companion throughout any adventure. The game has another interesting feature of provisioning the user to customize their own home and invite friends to visit and chat on their adventures.  The mini games are rewarding efforts for our time and money and it has perfect design and clarity. There have been lots of through process in the design and unison of the mini games in this application.

Every mini game has its own features and characteristics. The favorite depends on the individuals taste and preference. These games offer wonderful animations with excellent choreography and classic imaginative fights. With the high standards set in the minds of the public by the Clone war series on television, this game is certainly under pressure to exceed the expectations. The major contributing features of this game application are its mini games and apart from that, we can say that there are no major surprises.

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