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Age of Wushu is a massively built multiplayer online role playing game developed by Snail Games. It is set in ancient China and has a realistic feel to it. The visuals have been neatly designed, so much so that the trees, the carriages and the shops look straight out of the history books. The game is weapon-centric or combat related where the gamer gets to defeat his opponents.

Age of Wushu boasts of good combat sequences and includes few impressive Chinese martial art moves as well, thus spicing up the affair for the gamers. Among other things, the gamers would get to perform special stunts, block enemy attacks and perform magic. The in-game quests would always keep you occupied. The different missions in Age of Wushu may range anything between spying to capturing enemy territory or just killing the in-game opponent.

Age of Wushu is visually very appealing be it the landscapes or the combat, but the animation tends to drag a little at times which can tend to be a disappointment for a few. However, there is more to Age of Wushu than what meets the eye. Believe it or not, but a lot goes on in the game while you choose to remain away from it. Your character may get kidnapped by opponents and thus when you log back; you might just need to pay up to get your character freed. All this makes Age of Wushu very interesting and engaging nonetheless. In short, Age of Wushu is a great game and is certainly worth the money that you shell on the same.

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