Download Toca Town for PC Windows

Toca Town for PC Windows takes you to brand new world where you decide what happens. This game is again built for the kids with graphics, control and sound effects, all optimized for the liking of the kids, like any other game from the Toca Boca AB developers. The game features no advertisement and in-game purchase to give you the stress if your child by mistakes buys something.

In this game, you will find all the 21 Toca Boca characters to be part of your town and to play with you. The town is divided into 6 different locations, for you to explore. The 6 locations include store, restaurant, apartment, house, police station and a park. The open game play of the application allows your kid to explore this virtual world in any way they like without facing any restriction and having to abide by any rules. Explore the town and find out the different surprising activities to do with the different characters.

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