Download The Scale of the Universe 2

The Scale of the Universe 2 is more of an educative Flash installment that will prove really useful for those that want to understand which is the actual scale and size of the Universe, because this is a really interesting  matter that should be discussed more in order for everyone to find out the scale of the universe in which we all live. This small application will ask the user to simply use the scroll in order to see things that are present at different orders of magnitude in length. There are a lot of them and all are interesting

Moreover, clicking any item that appears in such a slide will allow the player to find out more information about that certain object and this can prove to be a really useful learning tool for those that actually want to learn something from such a thing that might be treated like a game. However, this is more of an educative material and it should be treated with seriosity because it presents real facts. The graphics of this Flash installment are not too advanced, they are kept to a rather minimalist level in order to allow the viewer to better understand everything that appears in there.

The difference between this installment and the previous one is the fact that a lot of things have changed in good, there have been added a lot of new items that are really nice to be observed in order to see their sizes. Moreover, more data is now added for each of these objects, even if they are atoms or galaxies. This small Flash application should be downloaded by everyone that wants to learn something really useful in a fun manner that will not get anyone bored because everything is designed to please and not to get people fed up.

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