The Letters Game

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The Letters Game is game software which enhances your IQ level as well as the direction of thinking. This is mind game software in which you will be allowed to choose certain number of letters say 9 letters consist of vowels and consonant selected by the player randomly. After getting the series of 9 letters, you have to frame meaningful sentences as many as you can. This software can be operated in the classroom in order to make all the children to play the game. The screen of the software can be displayed on projector to make the whole class interact simultaneously. Those players or a team who make longest chain of meaningful words in a short time will be considered as the winner of the game. In this game, the procedure of selecting the letters is kept unbiased. The letters will be chosen randomly from the set of pack cards, which also will be depend on their probability of occurrence. The charm of this game lies in getting randomly selection of letters and framing meaning different words in quickest manner.

Background music is also given in this Letter Game Software in order to make the atmosphere of playing the game more enthusiastic. A buzzling sound will be played in the last after 30 sec to tell the players to stop their game. The possible answers will be displayed on the screen and based on it; the players will be given score for their correct attempt. This Letter Game Software contains more than 70,000 words of the vocabulary from which the answer of the game is displayed. This software includes all the possible letters of the dictionary and therefore, there is no chances arise for the contradiction about the correctness of answers. This increases the thinking capability of mind, improves concentration at job, team spirit etc.