Rainbow Islands

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As we all know sequels are becoming increasingly popular these days, not only in case of movies, but also for various Internet games. One such example is the famous Rainbow Islands, which is a sequel to the game Bubble Bobble. Taito first launched Rainbow Islands in the year 1987 as an arcade game. This game falls second in the four game series of the Bubble Bobble. This game was extensively ported for a number of home computers, consoles etc. Initially in the first version of the game the two central characters, bubblun and bobblun (now known as bubby and bobby) appeared in the form of bubble dragons. But in the latest version they have appeared in human forms wearing a white and green shirt respectively! The designer of this game is Fukio Mitsuji. The game was first introduced in Japan. Two players with alternating turns can play the game.

The game is based on a set of ten different islands each having different themes. The player has to play four rounds of the game before the rising sea level drowns him. If he successfully completes all four rounds, then he is taken to the successive island, which is next in the chain of the ten! The task of the player is to collect all seven precious large diamonds. On collecting them, the three secret invisible islands are displayed on the map, which guides the player. But as a player proceeds with the game, it becomes gradually difficult with each island. The enemies being way faster and better equipped than the previous islands.

In order to obtain one big diamond, the player has to collect seven various coloured small shiny diamonds. This is done by beating up the enemies and killing them by throwing a rainbow from above, which falls on them. Thus the rainbow is the weapon, which helps the players to kill his enemies. It also acts as makeshift platform.  Power-ups are also available, which increases the speed of the player in the game. If a player takes too much time on one island, the sea level starts rising gradually and drowns the player. The unique feature of this game is its hidden secrets, which are up to the player to discover. There are secret levels, power-ups and clues, which extract extra attention and dedication from its players and make the game even more fun, colourful and entertaining.