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Putt-Putt Enters the Race is the game about Putt-Putt the talking car in the ninth successful game from the popular series of problem solving video games for children. In this game of adventure, putt-putt has been invited by the race coordinator Redline Rick, who has laid down strict rules for raced qualification for the well familiar CarTown 500 race. As in the earlier series, and very similar to the Freddi Fish series, the user mostly targeted are children and must help and guide the title character player and his trusted dog Pep to look all over CarTown to find for objects to make sure that Putt-Putt is getting qualified for the race by transforming his engine to a super fast racing machine.

As expected, there is a sequence of obstacles to be overcome, like getting past a Possam without hurting them, seeing and managing the dark way, and dozen more questions that are being confronted by the user. But all these challenges are integrated with lots and lots of fun, making it a value adding exercise. In fact one of the most heard comments on this game is that, it is designed in such a manner to develop the spatial recall of the users. This is especially good for kids, and without doubt, they easily always are ahead over adults in remembering the objects used for making Putt-Putt’s car in to a super racer.

Another mentionable feature of this game is that it has taken care to incorporate many of the social responsibilities parents want to instill in their children like a positive approach for work, politeness, and helpful attitude. The program is packaged for easy installation and the navigation of the game is well designed for ease of use. The only point to note is that this game becomes very difficult for a person with poor spatial recall and very easy and successful for a person with good memory and patience.

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