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My ABCD is thoughtfully designed learning software for your Pre-school kids. With this application, your children can learn the complete set of alphabets, Numeric up to 20, Names of different musical instruments along with their sound, etc. The application also prudently teaches the kids on mouse movements and control, thereby making it a part of their curriculum as well making mouse usage a part of the application usage. The application is multimedia oriented with excellent back ground music, sound effects and above all attractive animations for the kids.

Once your child is familiar with the basics of the application like alphabets and numbers, the application takes the child to the next level of playing simple games using these basics. There are different games on connecting the dots, simple puzzles, and musical treat. The musical treats for the kids include playing the Xylophone, beating the drums as their wish, and playing brass instruments, all by the click of the mouse. This is where the application introduces the kids to the mouse usage and control. The application also provisions us to set the difficulty level of the mouse from 1cm to 1mm. The separate games section allows the kid to play games such as completing a jigsaw, bursting a balloon, and negotiating a maze. With the expertise of these games the children develop good mouse control and once they are confident of the mouse usage, you will be surprised to find how excellently the kids can let off all the bees out of their hives and catching the bugs using the trap.

There is so much of thought involved in the design of this application and it is evident from the color of the objects, the pleasant music provided, and the attractive fonts used throughout; all keeping in mind, kids aged between two to six years of age. This application is a good introduction for your kids to alphabets, numbers, and above all your computers; specially to gain mouse control. The application provides a help screen to navigate and learn all the features for the parent. But you will be surprised to see that many of the setting / features are provided in this help screen itself, which generally we will be expecting as a setting on the applications main window. Other than shorter trial period, we have not much to say on the con side.

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