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Social Quantum-developed Megapolis is a single player builder game. Since its release the game has acquired 360,000 daily active users. There is no energy resource and hence the main constraint is the time. Though it is similar to most other games of its genre, it is a realistic builder game as players get to build cities of the 21st century. It is here that the gamers would get to create a wonderful city of their own.

The game offers much variety to the players while they choose from structures for different buildings. The three main groups into which the constructions are classified are Decorations, Resources and Assets. The Decorations consist of residential buildings as hotels and houses, the Resources are constructions related to any energy like water, wind and power that allow the player to build more and the assets are the constructions necessary for the player to drive the game forward and are much like decorations. Land expansions can only be purchased with Megabucks which the player accumulates slowly on getting to newer levels.

While in the gameplay, the gamer starts off with a basic plot of land and then goes on adding to the splendor of the canvas. The graphics in the game seem very gorgeous to the new players but to the veterans they would initially struggle in making a mark, given the lack of zoom. However the detailing to the buildings is beautiful and intense. The sound in the game is fantastic. Above all, the killer feature of the game is its cross-platform play. Downloading the game shall not be of surprise but of contentment. It’s probably the best modern city builder of the year.

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