LEGO Rock Raiders

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LEGO Rock Raiders is a great strategy game which is easy to play and boasts of a good gameplay. The game is a tad different from the other LEGO games, but still manages to enthrall all. It boasts of good graphics, sound effects, voice acting, background score and a quirky animation. The game is about Rock Raiders who get sucked into an intergalactic wormhole and are forced to land on an unchartered planet. The only way of making back to home is by mending the ship with the planetary ore and crystals.

Those who have played LEGO Rock Raiders would agree that the game is extremely interesting and looks quite good. The gamer gets to don the role of an important character of the LEGO starship and would get to command his team. Each of the levels of the game is set in the deep caverns of the desolate planet which seem well designed. The alien species that the character’s come across and fight with, have been designed well too. The game boasts of 33 missions each of which is unique in itself.

There is more to LEGO Rock Raiders. The game comes with two installation options – the enhanced mode and the standard install. The former comes loaded with cues and tutorials, which would help the kids and the amateurs, get a grasp of things in the game. It is true that the game does have minor issues, but none of it would actually cause any annoyance in terms of gameplay. In short, it is a great LEGO game worth laying hands upon.