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Find the Difference Game is a very simple architecture based challenging puzzle game in which the players have to identify 12 differences between two very similar looking images. Though the game is basic and very suitable for children, even adults find it tempting to try it once; and once attempted, you will try to complete all the images in the game. The application has very cute but simple interfaces in which two similar looking images are placed side by side and the player needs to identify the difference between the images by clicking at the spot where the difference exists on either of the image.

There is a tracker window on top of the screen which displays the number of differences so far found out. If the user is tired of finding out the remaining differences and wants to know the remaining solution of the challenge, there is an option in the application which displays the differences at one go. It is to be admitted that even for elders, there are some images where they finally need to go to the solutions button. This game is even suitable for children with very little exposure to computers. All they need to know is how to operate the mouse and identify the differences.

The application is simple and does not have any Help file. The design is so straightforward that you will accept that there is no need for the help menu. One of the biggest advantages of this game is that, it allows the children to have very good mouse control. The other mentionable advantage of making children play this game is that their observation and analysis skill will certainly improve with ability to pay attention to detail. The free trial version contains only two images to play which is disappointing. Also the overall number of images could be increased well beyond the 25 pair mark. The application automatically creates a desktop icon up on installation and does not clean up the package up on removal, by leaving behind installed folders.

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