Download Fatty Cow for PC Windows

Fatty Cow for PC Windows is a funny application that is built to entertain you. It takes you to the world of a very interesting cow. By the graphical design, it has a very unique look for a cow. It has the belly of a pig, joyful and active like a monkey and his faces is sleek like that of a snake. And this funny looking pet comes with a very interesting feature that he is born with.

Like any pet, you would need to feed it and keep him happy. It will consume most of the foods that you will offer them, but still it dislikes certain types of food that you should try to avoid. But for his special power, he cannot keep any food inside his body for long moments after you feed him, the food gets digested and the cow starts to poop around at anytime and anywhere. The objective of the game is to handle this funny and messy cow in the best way.

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