Bad Piggies

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Most people would agree that prequels have often failed to make an impression of their own. There have been couple of exceptions like in the case of Star Wars, X-Men First Class and The Godfather II to name a few, but most of them have actually disappointed. However, Bad Piggies in-spite of being a prequel to the all-so-popular game Angry Birds, has been able to create a niche of its own. The game is more about how the pigs plan and manage to steal the eggs from the birds.

After coming up with so many different versions of the Angry Birds game, brand Rovio seems to know the success formula better than most other game developers. The interface of the new Bad Piggies is much like the one from Angry Birds, only this game is not about destruction of the structures, but rather deals with construction of strange vehicles and inventions. The game does not include any of the previous devices as catapults and castles. Nor does it include the birds of the Angry Birds fame. The game is solely about the pigs and thus is named Bad Piggies.

Imagine churning out strange inventions through crazy items. Well, that is all about Bad Piggies. For those who think the game might just be complicated, wait till you get hands on the same. The game can’t be any simpler than this. However, Bad Piggies often comes up with tough challenges and you would have to finish them anyhow, to move into the next level. The game has been well conceived and is equally well designed. The simple interface, plain controls, big buttons and clear graphics, makes it one of the best games around. Bad Piggies may not be much of a game as Angry Birds is, but it is still a joy to play.